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100.0% Chance
Shells Ammo (3x) Amount Chance
Ammo: Shells Ammo: Shells 4 100.0%
Light Ammo (3x) Amount Chance
Ammo: Light Bullets Ammo: Light Bullets 18 100.0%
Medium Ammo (3x) Amount Chance
Ammo: Medium Bullets Ammo: Medium Bullets 10 100.0%
Heavy Ammo (3x) Amount Chance
Ammo: Heavy Bullets Ammo: Heavy Bullets 6 100.0%
Wood (1x) Amount Chance
Wood Wood 350 100.0%
Stone (1x) Amount Chance
Stone Stone 350 100.0%
Metal (1x) Amount Chance
Metal Metal 350 100.0%
Supply Drop Consumables (3x) Amount Chance
Shield Potion Shield Potion 1 30.2%
Small Shield Potion Small Shield Potion 3 26.4%
Med Kit Med Kit 1 20.8%
Bandage Bazooka Bandage Bazooka 1 11.3%
Harpoon Gun Harpoon Gun 1 11.3%
Traps (1x) Amount Chance
Damage Trap Damage Trap 1 100.0%
All data sourced from game assets. Data pulled on January 18, 2020 from Fortnite v11.40. All assets belong to Epic Games. Made by AeonLucid.