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A reliable and sturdy harvesting tool.


Climb your way to the top with the mountaineering inspired Cliffhanger Pickaxe.

Party Animal

Red plastic cups not included.


Harvest resources... and souls with the limited edition reaper pickaxe.


Warning: High Voltage!


The competition is circling the drain.

Pulse Axe

Bleeding edge axe technology.

Tat Axe

No regerts!

Chomp Jr.

They're going to need a bigger fort.

Pink Flamingo

From suburban lawns to the front lines, the Pink Flamingo Pickaxe is always ready for action.

Ice Breaker

A great way to meet your fellow combatants.

Tooth Pick

Don't forget to floss.

Close Shave

A stylish pickaxe with bolt on tips.


Take a crack at harvesting with the Batsickle. It's half bat. Half sickle. All Batsickle.

Candy Axe

Deck the walls with festive mayhem!

Disco Brawl

Ready for a ballroom blitz.

You Shouldn't Have!

For the combatant who has everything.

Bottom Feeder

From the murky depths!

Death Valley

Whenever you need a skull on a stick, the Death Valley Pickaxe is there for you.

Ski Boot

Give 'em the boot.

Raider's Revenge

Wrapped in rusty barbed wire, and ready to settle the score.


A sturdy pickaxe with a great attitude.


Stone and anvil not included. Part of the Fort Knights set.


It's a pickaxe with spikes. What's not to like?

Dragon Axe

Forged in dragon fire.


Hack your way to victory. Part of the Storm Scavenger set

Trusty No. 2

Ready to pass the test. Part of the Hired Gun set.


Extravehicular Axe. Part of the Space Explorers set.

Rainbow Smash

Beat the stuffing out of 'em. Part of the Sunshine & Rainbows set.

Pick Squeak

Squeak squeak! Squeak! Squeak squeak squeak!

Empire Axe

Build your empire.

Tactical Spade

Designed for survival. Part of the Black Vector set.

Spectral Axe

What color is it?

Pot O' Gold

Everything that glitters... Part of the Green Clover set.

Silver Fang

Loyal. Brave. Very sharp. Part of the Laoch set.

Anarchy Axe

This axe does whatever it wants. Part of the Volume 11 set.

Carrot Stick

Give 'em 3-5 servings. Part of the Pastel Patrol set.

Cutting Edge

Forged in a particle accelerator. Part of the Overclocked set.


Take a bite out of the competition. Part of the Dino Guard set.


They'll never see it coming. Part of the Stealth Syndicate set.


Victory by the slice! Part of the Pizza Pit set.

Global Axe

Think globally, axe locally.

Glow Stick

Behold, it glows!


Very convincing.

Renegade Roller

Go on a roll.


Clean out the competition.


Streamlined for optimal aerodynamics.

Director's Cut

Lights, Camera, Axin'.

Stop Axe

Never stop axin'.

Slam Dunk

It's a... slam dunk.

Nite Owl

Pull an all-niter.


Rooted in fierce competition.


Festively loud.

Elite Cleat

For those unaccustomed to defeat.

Oracle Axe

Visions of victory.

Propeller Axe

Take it for a spin.

Fated Frame

Rise above your fate.

Razor Edge

On the verge of being too sharp.

Victory Lap

Take is for a spin.

Magnifying Axe

Dust 'em for prints.

Crimson Axe

Wield, smite, repeat.

Studded Axe



Wielded by countless generations.


No holds barred.

Harpoon Axe

Tip of the spear.

Rescue Paddle

Life preserver?

Clutch Axe

Pedal to the metal.


Unparalleled precision.

Patty Whacker

If you can't stand the heat...


Feel the burn!

Jingu Bang

Fit for a king.

Test Pickaxe

Used for testing pickaxes.


Start something.


Leave a good first impression.

Gale Force

Rise above the storm.


Sweet, sweet, victory.


Stay positive.



Rift Edge

Piercing through the dimensional plane.


Chiseled from glacial ice.

Lug Axe

Tune up the competition.

Balloon Axe

Deflate the competition.


Get to the point.

Power Grip

Get a grip.

Filet Axe

A cut above the rest.

Random Harvesting Tool

Randomly chooses between favorite Harvesting Tools (or all owned Harvesting Tools if nothing is marked as a favorite)


Rev it up!


Feel the beat.


Take control.

Iron Beak

Peck away.

Cat's Claw

Scratch and slash.

Tree Splitter

Make like a tree and split.


Pry away.


Not on my watch!

Lead Swinger

Hit the high notes.


Swing with frequency.


Accuracy is paramount.


Self-piloted propulsion.


Squeeze out a smashing tune.

Guiding Glow

The better to chop you with, my dear.

Smash Up

When destruction meets harmony.


Raise the stakes.


Reap what you sow.

Thunder Crash

Wield the thunder.

Herald's Wand

It's vital.


Honed for the harvest.

Skull Sickle

Skeleton's choice.


Strike at midnight.

Web Breaker

Clear out the cobwebs.


Sharpened for battle.

Dark Shard

Splintered from geometric perfection. Reactive: Transforms by dealing damage, or by outliving other players.


Keep it chill.

Six String Striker

Now taking requests. Reactive: Glows in the dark


Corral the competition.

Stellar Axe

The stars are aligned.


Pointy whichever way you point it.

Angular Axe

Acutely obtuse.


Swing it over and over and over and over and over...


Clench victory between your teeth.

Upright Axe

It's up, and it's good!

Golden Pigskin

Claim the trophy.

First Downer

10 yards to victory.


Perfectly programmed pick.

Night Slicer

Slice twice.


Ancient and gnarled.


On the threshold of victory.


Mix it up.


The glow is alluring.

Abominable Axe

Expertly crafted by picking up that stick that was in a mountain stream.


Sharpen your claws.


Bring the heat.

Ice Scepter

The frozen world is at your command.


Cold to the touch.


Take the competition by the horn.



Inverted Blade

Sharp from any direction.


Measure twice, chop once.

Snow Globe

Shake vigorously.

Cold Snap

Frosted and flowery.

Cookie Cutter

Sweet vengeance.


Unending gaze.

Brat Catcher

Be on your best behavior.


Weaponized boot on a stick.

Frozen Axe

Once crimson, now coated in permafrost.


Swing forever true.


Swing flurriously.

Evil Eye

Always watching. Always.

Clean Cut

Looks sharp. Actually sharp.


Experimental prototype.

Battle Axe

Truly barbaric.

Flimsie Flail

Flop til they drop.


Bitter cold.

Squid Striker

Speak softly and carry a giant squid.



Marshy Smasher

Spread some joy.

Cold Hearted

No love lost.

Frozen Beak

Break the ice.


Burning bright.

Cuddle Paw

Cuddle up with claws.


This can go one of two ways...

Ice Pop

It can take a lickin'.


Double dipped in chocolate.

Skully Splitter

Color coordinated and battle ready.

Swag Smasher

Get the loot.

Dragon's Claw

Defend the lair.


Break in, or just break it.


Experience perfection.


There is no antivenom.


Cut through the jungle.

Gold Digger

The gold standard.


Axe of the ancients.

Brute Force



Sharpened in the shadows.

Psionic Edge

Focus on the perfect strike.

Fresh Cut

Chop down the competition.

Star Wand

Swing for the stars.


Thrice the slice.


Count the rings.

Emerald Smasher

Mean and green.

Burning Axe

Immortal instrument of fire.

High Seas

Steer through the storm.


Strike at full moon.

Prickly Axe

Handle with caution.

Demon Skull

Imbued with the remnants of a lost soul.

Grand Slammer

Swing for the fences.

Peely Pick

Wield the power of the peel.

Crimson Scythe

See red.


Instill fear.

Stealth Angular Axe

Angle for the win.

Relax Axe

Victory is in the palm in your hand.


Swing for the green.


Get to the root of it.

Bold Bar

Break in, and stand out.

Steel Carrot

Hop and chop.


Fragments of fun.

Widow’s Bite

Shockingly effective.

Plasma Carrot

So good you can almost taste it.

Guardian Axe

Cut down cosmic threats.

Silver Sledge

Gem studded shine axe.

Flint Striker

Bash with bluster.

Astral Axe

Swing through the stars.


You know the drill.

Simple Sledge

A professional's tool of choice.

Web Wrecker

High-tech precision.

Chew Toy

Unburied treasure.


Alluringly destructive.

Storm Bolt

Strike like lightning.

Fork Knife

Don't forget your table manners.

Foul Play

Nailed it!


Claw your way to the top.

Splintered Light

Share the light.

Vivid Axe

Brighten the battle.

Dual Edge

Slicing through the dimensional planes.


Knock em' out.

Stark Splitter

Swing through the shadows.

Conch Cleaver

A gift from the deep.


Rule the lawn with an iron beak.

Wild Tangent

Find the impossible angle.


Sharp, focused, and relentless.


Never cross a caterpillar.


Show off your signature swing.

Combo Cleaver

Swinging force.

Mello Mallets

There X2

Robo Wrecker

Pinpoint accuracy.

Primal Sting

That's gonna leave a mark.

Bubble Popper

Swing sweet.

Tac Bats

Tactical combat baton.

Red Streak

Find your hot streak.


Put some sizzle in your swing.

Rusty Roller

Who wants a slice?

Plasmatic Edge

Calibrated for absolute domination.

Shard Sickle

Harness the mysterious butterfly effect.

Metro Machetes

Street smart and impossibly sharp.

Lazer Axe

Music is the weapon.

Star Strike

Star powered stellar axe.


Sleek and spiky.

Power Punch

Overload them.

Jagged Edge

A spiky ray of sunshine.

Blue Bolt

Infused with the power of blue.

Impact Edge

Engineered for ultimate impact.

Aero Axe

Show your stripes.

Clobber Axe

Give 'em the ol' one-two.

Chained Cleaver

Settle the score with an edge.

Sour Strikers

Pucker up!


Overcharged with electric might.

Cat's Claws

Show off your catlike reflexes.


Double the deliciousness.

Nighty Night

Spread some sweet dreams.

Hyper Edge

Dominate the zone.

Snack Attackers

When the craving strikes...

Cupid's Dagger

Love hurts.

Stripe Slicer

Line em up.

Ave Axe

The route to victory.

Heavy Hooks

Get hooked.

Snuggle Swiper

Love 'em to pieces.


Sharp and sticky.


Set your globber to clobber.

Chaos Scythe

Harvest disarray.

Spellbound Staff

Bend reality to your will.

Blooming Bones

The eternal harvest awaits.


Careful. They bite.

Storm King Fist

Beware the thunder strike.


You've got star power.

Ultra Scythe

Slice with electromagnetic force.

Witchia Axe

Magic evolved.

Big Bad Axe

The better to chop you with...

Honey Hitters

Find your sweet spot.

Dark Dino Bones

Pound with primal power.

Spectral Scythe

Wield the reaper.

Depth Charger

Make a splash.

Dual Filet

Filet your way to victory.

Double Tap

Twice the slurp in one powerful swing.

Bone Fangs

Venom-tipped bone bashers.


Mighty mushroom mallets.

Burning Blades

Feel the sear of hot metal.

Silent Strike

Whisper quiet, razor sharp.

Riot Control Baton

Riot Control Baton

Rey's Quarterstaff

Rey's Quarterstaff

Branch Basher

It's time to branch out.

Razor Smash

After the rainbow's end.

Holiday Ham

Hit 'em with ham.


Knights of Ren blade

Candy Cleavers

Sweet and spiky.

Frost Blade

Honed to frosty perfection.

Souped Up

Victory by the spoonful.


Time for some ice fishing.


Hot pink for cold conditions.

Bullet Slash

Precision high-caliber striker.

Spurred Swinger

Move 'em out.

Utility Axe

Practically irreplaceable.


Chomps from below.

Dual Katanas

Two blades are better than one.


Fresh and floppy.

Rogue Wave

Turn the tide of battle.

Tiger Claws

Tough as nails.

Lucky Axes

The future holds good swings.


Strike with dragon's breath.

Dragon's Breath

Get fired up.

Sea Scorpion

Barbed for action.

Spiked Mace

Two hands of spiky goodness.


Get it?

Harley Hitter

Come out swinging.

Heavy Heart

It's got so much love to give.

Heart Beater

Make their hearts pound.

Serrated Slicers

For the other kind of hacking.


Move in.

Wild Accent

Sharp and stylish.


Break the code. With this axe.

Diamond Eye

If looks could harvest...

Power Pitch

One souped up fork.

Inversion Blades

A powerful mix of darkness and light.

Piña Clobber

The spiky bat with a pineapple punch.

Street Shine

This way to superior swiping.

Silver Strikers

Swing away.

Bespoke Blades

Tailor made and suited for battle.

Double Dagger

Twice the slice twice.

Wisdom's Edge

Know your blade as you know yourself.

Meaty Mallets

Give 'em a thwack.

Box Basher

Packs a corrugated punch.

Bionic Synapse

Built for you and you alone.

Plasma Circuit

Uploading the smackdown.

Unstoppable Force

Whatever it takes to survive the fight.


Focus on the blade.

Probability Dagger

Beat the odds.

Reflex Blades

Field operative inspired battle blades.

XO Axes

Kiss your target goodbye.

Diamond Jack

Astroworld's Finest.


Every axe has its thorn.

Harmonic Flux

Harness the harmonic edge.

Regal Floof

Give 'em some guff.

Double Gold

Solid gold battle bats.

Agile Edge

Force and finesse.

Butterfly Knives

Let 'em fly.

Firing Line

Line up your shot.

Purr Axes

They're very happy.

Fresh Fish

Today's catch.

Volt Batons

Dangerously unstable yet pleasantly shiny.

Drip Axe

Careful, it's slurpery.

Heavy Hook

There's no escaping the hook.

Swamp Slicer

Monstrously sharp to master the moistiest swamps.

Fearless Fangs

Never hesitate to strike.

Fruit Punchers

Vitamin packed and ready to slash.

Starstruck Axe

Show off your star power.

Sharky Slappers

The power of a shark. The convenience of a slap.

Bewitching Blades

They'll take your breath away.

Flail Blades

Sometimes you gotta bash, sometimes you gotta slice.

Manta Blades

Black Manta's signature dual daggers.

Hook Slicer

Any way but the fairway.

Fish Sticks

The mythical tridents of the Fishstick Clan.

Weathered Gold

Sturdy shine with a powerful edge.

Iron Claws

Wield the dreaded Iron Claws.

Light Knives

Dazzlingly sharp.

Stardust Strikers

Hit 'em with star stuff.

Sawtooth Slashers

Saw through the briny deep.


Hook, hook, hook, line, and sinker.


Get your head in the game!


Take two, they're small.


Built for the busy axolotl on the go.

Lapis Trident

Carved from a single stone found at the bottom of the sea. Probably.

Scoop Shot


Llama's Bane

Get that loot.

Two Scoops

Whip up a double.

Bucky Bat

Safety first.

Tropic Axe

Chop tropically.

Trench Blades

Wield the murky might of the ocean's deep.

Pom Pummelers

Style, spirit, and shakability.

Silver Surfer Pickaxe

The Pickaxe Cosmic.

Dread Oracle Axe

Visions of dread.

Hulk Smashers

Hulk Smash!

Phantasmic Pulse

Channeling energy from a far-off star.

Block Blades

Vibrant angular battle cleavers.

Shadow Caliper

Dark precision.

Shadow Combo Cleaver

Swinging shadow's force.

Cyclo Sticks

Gyro-tuned battle batons.

Hunting Song

It's a little sharp.

Tangerine Terror

A little sweet and a lot sharp.

Stake & Stalker

Nothing better for a night of hunting.


Geared up and tuned for maximum impact.

Grim Axes

Razor-sharp and unforgiving.

Blooming Doom

Eternally thorny.

Daredevil's Billy Clubs

Just like Stick taught him.

Forsaken Strike

The latest in reaper style.

Bark Basher

Infused with the mystical power of the forest.


Bioluminescent deep sea fishaxe.

Tater Pounders

I'll take mine to go.

Stuffie Smasher

Tuck into the competition.

Widow's Fangs

Stark engineered electroshock baton.

Soulfire Chains

Forged in eternal flame.

Leviathan Axe

Forged by Brok and Sindri.

Gravity Hammer

Built to Smash and Grab.


The season's sweetest sledge.

Holiday Hook

Perfect for hanging up a Christmas reef.

Polar Poleaxe

We wish you a merry pickaxe.

Fancy Dandy Canes

Merry minty mallets.

Pummel Moose

The moose is loose.

Blinky Basher

Keep 'em in your headlights.

Tundra Blades

Dig in to the deep freeze.

Ol' Chopper

Evergreen? We'll see about that.

Poultry Pummelers

It's all gravy.

Vibe Axe

Cutting edge neon glow axe.

Pick Axis

Perfectly rendered.

Staff of Control

Defeat them with your aim.

Techno-Grip Axe

With real barrier-smashing action!

Null Pick

Careful, this one's still under development.

Tricksy Axe

She's tricky, but trusty.

Lovestruck Strikers

More that just a crush.

Speed Force Slashers

Physical manifestations of the Scarlet Speedster's powers.

Breezy Bashers

Llook out, here they come!

Signpost Pummeler

Ripped from the battlefield and ready for action.

Seven Star Flashing Flail

Super Combo!

Arena's Blessing

Some things can only be won.

P-5000 Power Loader Arm

Requires a Class-2 rating or higher.


Packs an olive-y punch.

Asteroid Trencher

Repurposed deep space mining equipment.


Grab yourself a nice, big slice.

Gladius of Potassius

The valiant never taste of pudding but once.

Astrolomaster's Staff

Pre-Req: Spell-Casting 201

Razor Wing

The wings of despair also happen to be very sharp.


Did you hear something..?


Go hard.

Spring Breaker

Go for broke.


Quack 'em up.

Water Wand

Powered by Friendship.

Devourer's Bane

Eco-friendly fiend fighter.


Caution: Paint may be wet. And sharp.

Scarlet Sai

The perfect balance of elegance and offense.

Wing Spanner

Wield the power of faultless engineering.

Oathmaker's Axe

Justice guide my path!

Grappling Axe

Strike like a bat.

Ten-Ton Toon-Bells

As many rounds as possible.

BB's Beast Bat

Vic made it for him.

Crystaline Battle Wand

A gift from the spirits of the Oasis.

Catwoman's Grappling Claw

Pickaxing Purrrfection.

Fish Kabob

A rainbow of fishy flavor.

Vanguard Flame

Stoke the flames of battle.

Spire Shard

Forged in the Spire's fury.

Tribute's Flail

Give what you owe, or the light will change to shadow.

Grim Gouger

Please gouge responsibly.

Sledge Heifer

Sizzle-blasted beef bat.


A truly stellar weapon.

Gilded Shadow

Gold glitters even in the shade.

Hot Rod Ripper

Sleek. Stylish. Stripey.

Aqua Lug

That's one sun-drenched wrench.

Rainbow Carver

A full-spectrum excavator.


Fired up and on a roll.

Batarang Axe

Improvised in the heat of battle.

The Lion

Adopt a crushing offensive strategy.

Bugha Blades

Focus and preparation.

Stellapen Smashpack

Includes one stretchy longsword and a magic green stylus.


Accessorize and make the driveway your runway.

Futureproof Flail

Complete the look with a bold statement piece.

Orbital Abductor

Snatch victory from the clutches of defeat... or a nearby cornfield.

Dauntless Driver

Tee off in style.

All data sourced from game assets. Data pulled on August 14, 2020 from Fortnite v13.30. All assets belong to Epic Games. Made by AeonLucid.